Did you know there are no such skin condition as sensitive, combination or dry skin? The condition of your skin is reflected by many things such as diet & lifestyle, skin care and hydration & the condition of your circulation and lymphatics in your skin. So no matter what your gender, age, race or current skin condition you can achieve beautiful, normal functioning skin with our help.

As beauty is more than skin deep, there are many things that can prevent healthy skin function. The results are often seen in the form of skin conditions such as;

As part of our treatment system we use a cause and effect process. From 10 years of treating skin and over 30 years working in the medical field I have found that uncovering factors such as exposure to chemicals, ineffective skin care, the types of foods you eat and allergies will assist to uncovered your problems and allow us to help you achieve beautiful healthy glowing skin!

We use a combination of Western and Eastern science, nutritional and functional medicine to treat, remodel and rejuvenate your skin. Together with our own medical based nutritional skincare and unique treatment system we are set for results and success!

If you are serious about finding a solution for your skin, we know our unique methods and skin treatment WILL get you a result as proven by over 5000 people and 33 years of success unlocking the secrets to beautiful skin naturally!

Treatment Philosophy

To put our philosophy simply you are more than your skin!

Your skin’s health responds to 3 main areas of your general health:

  • Your digestive health
    Your stress hormones
    Your reproductive health
    You are what you eat, what you think about, and what you put on your skin. In a nutshell we are complex beings!

Factors such as your nutritional status – Vitamin D, B12, Iodine, Iron and level of protein in your diet are all critical to the health of your skin

Your skin may often be the last part of your body to get attention from the day to day stressors so good nutrition is vital for your skin. This comes in the form of your skin care!

Quality skin care that contains nutrients such as vitamin A, C, E, Malic Acid, 1,3 Beta glucan & Lipoic Acid reach the dermis, the second layer of your skin, as well as affect the top layer of skin your epidermal layer. This is vital if your skin is going to improve from what it is now as your skin changes from the inside out!

The quality of your sleep, energy levels, moods, allergies and mental clarity all say something about how we can expect your skin to react.

A healthy body = beautiful healthy skin for a lifetime.

We have a unique treatment system at our clinic that is designed to not only get you a results quickly but to make it easy for you to have the skin that you dream of.

Our Consultation Process

Our consultation process is designed to help you understand the cause of your skin’s problems and the effect that is having on your skin. With extensive array of science based tools to sift through the causes we can find out what affects your diet, lifestyle and personal care habits are having on your skin.

A comprehensive assessment process using live blood analysis, skin scanner assessment , pathology, medical and lifestyle information allows us to drill down to your skin condition and show you the causes!

A treatment program will be then suggested using nutritional support, medical skincare, and treatments at our clinic where our unique treatment regime will improve your skin’s health and to ensure ongoing success when used regularly as part of your skin care regime.

At times the consultation process can feel overwhelming with so much information, however don’t worry as we will give you copies of all your reports, suggestions for your diet, lifestyle changes, how to use your skin care and be your PERSONAL SKIN TRAINER’ while you in the learning phase!

Once you have mastered and achieved your results the rest is enjoying beautiful glowing skin!


At the Marian Rubock Clinic we guarantee the highest quality service using only natural products that deliver real results.

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