Kathy McGeehan 55 Years
Part-time pharmacy assistant. Married with two sons

It was three years ago that Kathy first met Marian Rubock, when visiting the LSM Clinic in Fremantle.

Kathy had been feeling disheartened about getting older and the dull, lifeless skin she had endured since having acne as a teenager.  She saw that Marian provides innovative natural approaches to treating her clients, and so was keen to make an appointment with her.

“While I was feeling down about looking older, I didn’t want to take a drastic approach to making myself look younger with botox, which just looks plastic and artificial.  I had also endured acne when I was younger, and while I didn’t have scars, I wanted a clearer complexion.”

Kathy went along for a consultation with Marian and was instantly impressed.

“It wasn’t just the cosmetic results that Marian achieved; it was gaining my trust that was the biggest breakthrough.  Many women find it hard to put their looks into the hands of someone else to manage, however, Marian’s no nonsense, friendly approach and medical expertise instantly put me at ease.”

When Marian launched her own clinic, the Marian Rubock Clinic in Cottesloe, Kathy made sure that she had an appointment booked.

When it came to managing Kathy’s acne scarring, the medical needling produced great results with the added benefit of reducing lines and wrinkles, thereby boosting her confidence and making her feel happier about her appearance.

“I was so thrilled with the results achieved with Marian’s treatment.  I had found it increasingly frustrating that I would exercise and watch what I eat, in between enjoying the odd treat and a few drinks, so that I still look and feel good, but the ageing of my skin felt out of my control.” Kathy commented.

“Marian’s treatment showed me that there are natural ways to control the ageing of my skin, so that I can have it all if I’m willing to put a bit of work into achieving it.”

More recently Marian informed Kathy about a new anti-ageing and skin repair approach that she has been using, which involves blood plasma, removing the white blood cells and injecting them back into areas of the skin that require attention.

Marian indicated that the treatment would have a similar effect to botox, but would look more natural and plumper.

Kathy commented, “I was very excited to be one of Marian’s first clients to try the treatment.  The process was explained to me, including that I could suffer some swelling for the first few days and that there could be potential short-term bruising.  By one week my skin looked more youthful due to the plumpness, and more radiant.”

Since starting the plasma treatment, Kathy has received a number of compliments.

“What’s funny is that people don’t know what exactly has changed about my appearance, and often comment with ‘Gosh, you look so well’ and ask if I have been on holiday.  The natural approach is so subtle that people don’t instantly know that you’re reversing the ageing process, they just know I look great, which is good enough for me!” Said Kathy

Marian’s holistic approach has also included an assessment of Kathy’s overall health. While Kathy has always been physically active, exercising three times a week and eating healthily, it was found that Kathy had low iron levels, and so takes vitamins as a result.  Kathy has also benefitted from Marian’s advice on the menopause.

When asked what next, Kathy exclaims that the new Marian Rubock skincare range is a must.

“While Marian’s new range hasn’t launched yet, I’ve been lucky enough to try a few samples.  The Vitamin C powder was magnificent, and the cleanser left my face feeling more plump and youthful.

I usually have an oily t-zone on my face, but the new product has already eradicated the oily face that I usually wake up with. I know that the range is going to be fantastic.”

What next for Kathy?  The eye cream……


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Marian Rubock is a qualified expert skin care specialist. With over thirty-two years of medical experience and having suffered skin disorders herself, Marian has a profound understanding of the skin. She was a colomnist on skin & Beauty issues for The West Australian for the last 7 years until October 2013 and is a regular speaker on radio for Curtin FM & a guest at 6PR...