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Jordan Fogarty visited the Marian Rubock Clinic in March 2010 following months of surgery after a life-threatening car accident earlier in the year.

The major surgeries that Jordan endured after the accident had left scarring over many parts of his body. For any twenty year old guy, some level of scarring is acceptable, even cool, but Jordan explains that the surgical scars were anything but.

“I’d undergone extensive surgeries following my accident, which had left ugly scarring on my legs and left arm. These scars were raised and could easily be felt.” said Jordan.

Initially Jordan thought that the only likely solution to his scarring was plastic surgery, however he didn’t want to face the prospect of yet more surgical procedures and knew plastic surgery would still leave scarring which is when he heard about platelet rich plasma therapy at Marian’s Clinic.

“I searched online and found Marian’s website which listed platelet rich plasma therapy as an option for scar healing. I was quite sceptical at first, after everything I’d been through I wasn’t sure that a natural approach to healing my skin would work,” said Jordan.

However, after three treatments the scars on Jordan’s body are starting to fade, so much so that Marian could barely find one of scars during the latest treatment session.

“The effects of the plasma therapy have been very impressive, with my family and friends commenting on how my scars are disappearing, and most importantly the invasive surgical scarring, which is a great boost to my confidence.”

The results that Jordan has experienced were recently reinforced by a plastic surgeon, who was planning to treat a scar that Jordan had on his forehead.

“I had initially visited a plastic surgeon about the scar on my head, he’s asked me to come back in three to four months time. However, in between that time Marian had treated me with plasma therapy – the surgeon has since told me that plastic surgery is not essential, and perhaps only dermabrasion to minimise the scar slightly.”

Commenting on Marian’s approach to treating scars, Jordan said, “I’m amazed that Marian’s approach to using plasma therapy for scarring is not more widely known about. By looking at me, before and after the plasma treatment, it’s obvious that the results speak for themselves.”


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Marian Rubock is a qualified expert skin care specialist. With over thirty-two years of medical experience and having suffered skin disorders herself, Marian has a profound understanding of the skin. She was a colomnist on skin & Beauty issues for The West Australian for the last 7 years until October 2013 and is a regular speaker on radio for Curtin FM & a guest at 6PR...