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Why does skin age?

None of us can avoid getting older, but you can take steps to keep your skin looking young and healthy naturally by supporting it with the correct skin care and nutritional support that it needs.

As skin ages it becomes rougher and loses its natural firmness and glow. When damaged, these skin fibres – elastin & collagen are not able to replace itself and the skin begins to droop and sag. As your skins oil glands become less active, the skin’s barrier then continues to weaken due to less availability of natural lipids.

What is the best anti-aging skin care?

We all age in different ways however with the correct skin care and advice you can take control of the aging process and fight those wrinkles and sagging skin. Once you have your cleanser, some of our top anti-aging products are listed below. Also protecting your skin is an absolute must and our incredible Sun Defend comes in a beautiful tint so you don’t even have to worry about a foundation.

NATURALLY A  | Reduce inflammation, calm sebum production, stimulate collagen and remove scar tissue

ADVANCED REJUVENATING  |   Stimulate collagen, reduce pigmentation, brighten phyto damage, repair damaged capillaries and protect against further damage

BARRIER REPAIR   |  Barrier repair is designed to restore the normal barrier of your skin that is damaged through environmental stresses, harsh cleansers, skin care and other stressors. These stressors result in poor circulation, dehydration and ageing of your skin. With its nutrient base of marine collagen and Vitamins A, B5, C and CoQ10 Barrier repair is the perfect product for all skin types as well as a starting product for those with tight dehydrated or easily irritated skin.

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