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What causes Acne?

Acne is a skin condition that many of us have experienced and has mainly been considered more a teenage skin condition as sufferers experienced changes to their hormones. Now with changes in our lifestyles and nutrition acne is effecting people of all walks of life, sexes and ages. You are not alone and there is always a solution.

What Skin care is best for acne?

Firstly you should always assess the skin care that you are using. If you have been using the same skin care and your acne is not improving then your skin care is not working and you need to make some changes. Once you have your cleanser, some of our top products for treating acne are listed below. Also protecting your skin is an absolute must and our incredible Sun Defend comes in a beautiful tint so you don’t even have to worry about a foundation.

VITAMIN B3 SERUM  |  An essential and absolute must have product for our Australian environment. It balances hydration, plumps, boosts our skins immune function, reduces inflammation, optimises UV protection and controls over active oil production.

SKIN GLO   |  This sweet smelling exfoliating mask removes built up debris gently while stimulating the skins natural remodel cycle leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated and glowing. Skin glow also decongests inflammation and reduces wrinkle depth and pigmentation. 

REVIVE AND RESTORE   |  Innovative and intense hydrating, restoration serum that soothes, protects and nourishes. Packed with potent anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal & anti bacterial support, Revive and Restore quickly relieve dryness, heals, plumps and repairs damage.


Would you like some more advice?

Once you have addressed your skin care you should have a  look at your lifestyle. Acne can be caused by one or a combination of lifestyle and nutritional triggers that flow on to affect hormonal, digestive and skin/sebaceous gland health. If you would like some personal advice and recommendations please click here learn about my consultations, so that I can help you to achieve the skin that you will love.

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Please fill in your details and I will send you through a complimentary questionnaire for you to complete so that you can start your journey to achieving beautiful skin and optimal health and wellness. I am so excited that I have the latest and best techniques to achieving your skin, health and weight goals but firstly it starts with recognising the signs your body and skin is showing you. Get ready to feel and look your best!

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