Smooth and lighten pigmentation

What is causing my pigmentation/Melasma?

It is not known conclusively what causes pigmentation on the face however we do know that any condition that results in hormonal imbalances such as pregnancy or the contraceptive pill, unregulated stress levels, genetic predisposition and thyroid health all are known contributors as well as exposure to the sun’s UVB rays.

Who is prone to pigmentation?

Pigmentation appears on women’s skin much more often than men’s skin and just 10% of people who get pigmentation/melasma are men. Also, people with darker skin, such as those of Latin/Hispanic, North African, African-American, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, or Mediterranean descent are also more likely to get melasma.

What  is the best skin care for pigmentation? 

Although pigmentation can be quite stubborn, you can break up the pigmentation and lighten  and brighten your skin tone by using the correct skin care range. Once you have your cleanser we recommend the top selling products listed below.Also protecting your skin is an absolute must and our incredible Sun Defend comes in a beautiful tint so you don’t even have to worry about a foundation.

VITAMIN B3 SERUM   | An essential and absolute must have product for our Australian environment. It balances hydration, plumps, boosts our skins immune function, reduces inflammation, optimises UV protection and controls over active oil production.

BALANCE AND HYDRATE  | This creamy moisturiser targets blood and lympathic flow while hydrating your skin. By targeting DNA/ skin cell support the results with daily use are anti aging, lightening, brightening and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

SKIN GLO  |  This sweet smelling exfoliating mask removes built up debris gently while stimulating the skins natural remodel cycle leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated and glowing. Skin glow also decongests inflammation and reduces wrinkle depth and pigmentation.


Would you like some more advice?

Throughout the last 18 years of working with people and their skin conditions, I have seen a another pattern to pigmentation and Melasma and that is the result of exposure to lifestyle and nutritional factors that also create hormonal imbalance thus affecting your skin’s pigment and possible discolouration. Please click here to learn more about my consultations, so I can help and guide you to achieving beautiful skin.

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