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Are you aware that your skin, hair and nails are the last organs and structures in your body to get nutrition? This is one of the main reasons, I believe why we are intuitively drawn towards topical skin care.

From your internal health to your external health, our skin represents a mirror to our chronological ageing as well as our biological ageing. It’s our physical body’s first line of defence against environmental stresses as well as bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Your skin is vital, not only for your health but also your quality and experiences that you may have in life. Having healthy skin is no accident or stroke of fate.

Biologically your dermis feeds your epidermis. This  means, that like your hair and nails, the top layer of your skin is comprised of dead skin cells, known as keratinocytes and therefore cannot be revitalized — revitalization comes from the cells produced by your dermis. Using topical vitamins and herbs plays a major role in skin health. Your nutritional status also  plays  an  important  role in the maintenance of the health of your skin. Macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and lipids) and micronutrients (vitamins and nutritionally essential minerals) work together  to  maintain  the barrier  of  your  skin  and  optimum  health  to  face  everyday challenges. Changes in your nutritional status and gut microbiome can alter skin structure and function due to the connection between your gut health and your skin (as you will see later) having the potential to directly affect your skin’s appearance. Unlike many organs, skin nutrition may be enhanced directly through topical applications. Topical application of micronutrients  can  complement  dietary  consumption,   leading  to a stronger, healthier protective barrier for your body.

Whilst there are a myriad of combinations of vitamins and herbs available, there are certain ones that have a synergy with the skin or as I like to call them Biomimetic skin identity actives or chirally correct. When nutrients are presented to the skin in this format it allows maximum absorption and therefore maximum benefit.

I go into depth in explaining these vitamins and herbs in my book but first let me explain more on healthy skin.

Clinical note:

“In my early years of practising I thought that all skin vitamins were equal. When I decided to research and invest in my own skin care range I understood the power of the term “chirally correct”. When products are chirally correct, they are produced to the right formulation for absorption by the skin and provide maximum benefit. This means that they reach the dermis where it can improve the health of your skin.

One of my clients captures the benefits of my products being chirally correct and the impact these have had on her skin’s health, with the following words:

I have had dry skin to the point of being painful. I know it is because I did too much sun tanning as a teenager, but we didn’t know how harmful it was then. Feel my skin, it feels moist for the first time and I am so pleased that finally I have found some products that work!”

Based on the knowledge that healthy skin is not achieved by accident, if you have  a skin disorder  you will appreciate  how important it is to understand the basic principles that result in healthy skin. When your body is undernourished, overstressed and dehydrated through day-to-day life your skin, whilst it is the largest organ of your body, gets its nutrients last! Therefore, ensuring  that your skin gets fed every day, so to speak, is vital if you want to have healthy, hydrated and glowing skin during your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond.

In my experience, quality skin care is an investment that also reduces premature ageing and helps manage various skin conditions, including sun damage and abnormalities such as solar keratosis. The quality and type of skin care you choose, as well as your personal care products and make-up, on  a  day-to-day  basis,  will have an accumulative effect, either  towards  your  skin’s  ageing in future years or its health.

Five basic principles of healthy skin

The five basic principles of healthy skin are:

1. The quality of the skin care you use, its formulation and your dedication to your regime. Your  skin  care  needs  to  support and feed your dermis (second layer of skin) and the epidermis (top layer) and remain hydrated to be a effective.

2. The quality of  the food  you eat and its nutrient  base as well, as your body’s  ability  to  absorb  them.  Food can be an allergen in your body and cause inflammation at a very low level. However this is still when your skin will flare up periodically as your body works hard to sustain homeostasis. When you are low on certain nutrients and/or your diet has been high in processed sugars, your body will be nutritionally stressed and this will affect the long-term  functionality  of your body, your hormones, your gut microbiome and your metabolism.

3. The quality,  amount and depth of sleep you get each night is important as your body  completes   its   housework, so to speak. Sleep rebalances your hormonal glands, optimises your digestive system, and realigns your body to optimise function for the next day so you can be at your best. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot catch up on sleep if you are having short sleeps. Don’t be fooled into thinking you will catch up later. If you are consistently waking up tired, then try changing your habits before bed, avoid alcohol,  caffeine and energy drinks; reduce your exposure to bright lights such as TVs and computers and reduce the heating  thermostat in your bedroom. Restful sleep is beauty sleep. All the top models and actors know this, which is why they are very disciplined in their sleep patterns. I once read that Jennifer Anniston goes to bed at 9.30 pm every night and gets up at about 5 am to do her exercise regime before she starts the day!

4. Whilst the accumulative effect of your lifestyle choices is important, so too are the conversations  you  have  with yourself. When you were in your mother’s womb, the  same cells which are now your skin cells,  also  transformed  into nerve cells. This  creates  a  powerful connection  between your nervous system  and to give  you  an  example  of this connection, imagine how  your  skin  responds  when  you are embarrassed: your skin will flush.

5. The ability to maintain a healthy blood sugar/digestive balance, your sex hormones, gut microbiome, stress and metabolic hormones, are all essential to a healthy function person as much as they are for healthy functioning skin!

You can read more about this in Section Two.

What quality skin care should provide

To improve, renew and reverse skin damage, your skin needs skin care that will do the following:

1. Cleanse without stripping the skin — this is to maintain a healthy pH, remove debris and make-up for healthy skin, and to support skin immunity whilst maintaining a healthy barrier

2. Remodel — this removes scarring,  resurfaces  the  epidermis  by  supplying  nutrients   to   the   dermis,   reduces inflammation, supports epidermal moisture and re-establishes free fatty acids and cholesterol

3. Feed and nourish — this  supports  the  day-to-day requirements of your skin and busy lifestyle through chirally correct natural nutrition that sinks deep into the dermis to support healthy skin rejuvenation.

4. Moisturise — this supports a healthy epidermis to reduce dermal ageing, thinning and barrier damage. In particular, after the age of 40 there is a sharp decline in skin lipids, leaving your skin dry. This decrease in lipids may also be due to a low functioning thyroid or poor gut microbiome.

5. Protect   this  reduces   sun   damage,   ageing   from  radiation  (UVA especially), trauma and prevention of solar keratosis and sun-induced skin.

With so many products on the market, I am sure you feel inundated and find it hard to know which one to choose. I know from my  own experience that every time I bought something new, not only could I not wait to try it, but the hope that it would fix my acne was foremost in my mind.

I have found through my own and my clients’  experience that not all skin products are equal. It may surprise you, that often the cost of the jar is more expensive than the actual combination of ingredients inside it!

With this in mind, I wanted to find a skin product that did what it promised to do and my list of requirements was long. A skin product should be:

1. a pure product and not full of fillers

2. not tested on animals

3. naturally derived

4. results-driven

5. contain no proven harsh skin irritant ingredients and petrochemicals

6. no parabens

7. no xenoestrogens, which cause hormone disruption and cause more skin problems!

8. no methyparabens

Most importantly, it must consist of a low molecular weight in order to get into the deeper layers of skin to feed the dermis! This is where the magic happens!


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