Beautiful skin and optimal health is achievable, regardless of your age, gender or current skin condition. My aim is to help and guide you so that you can achieve your goals through my expert advise and experience in working in this field for 18 years. Please see more details below about the skin, health and wellness consultations that I offer online….


SKIN  | Did your know your skin is the largest organ of your body but the last to get nutrients internally? This means that it is so important that you are nourishing your skin and body with the nutrients that it need on the inside and outside. There are so many factors effecting your skin that it can become very confusing and overwhelming for so many people and most of the time people are not getting the results that they desire. I am confident that with the correct skin care, lifestyle tips and nutritional advice personally tailored to your needs, you can achieve beautiful healthy and glowing skin.

NUTRITION & BODY PROFILING   |  Do you have skin and health concerns or you are not looking and feeling your best? The advanced  Oligoscan is a state of the art body profiling which will graphically generate a report showing your nutritional and heavy metal levels as well how your body is managing its systems such as.

  • Hormonal balance
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Endocrine function
  • Nervous system and
  • Immune function, just to name a few

This scan takes the guess work out of assessments and allow us to determine your deficiencies and what support your body would benefit from so you can feel your best and achieve results quickly. I have had so many incredible results from this scan and would recommend it to everyone. If you would like to learn more please click here.

HEALTH & WEIGHT LOSS  |  Take control of your health and your body to rebuild a new you, with the latest and easiest information on helping you to make small yet powerful changes to your diet and lifestyle so that you can reach your goals.

In this consultation I can give you the tools and support to take charge of your nutritional health, giving you lifelong tools that will ensure you never have to “DIET” again! This is a lifestyle, where you can enjoy your foods and look and feel you best!

I have applied this program to my life and so many others and I know it works! With so many diets and crazes out there it can all become very confusing but it is actually so easy when you follow my simple steps.


Please click here or the image below and follow the prompts to book an online consultation. All you need to do it complete a brief questionnaire and fill in your details so that you are registered with BetterCells. Then at the click of a button you can book an online consultation and take control of your health quickly and easily at the comfort of your own home. 

Complimentary Questionnaire - Discover how to feel and look your best!

Please fill in your details and I will send you through a complimentary questionnaire for you to complete so that you can start your journey to achieving beautiful skin and optimal health and wellness. I am so excited that I have the latest and best techniques to achieving your skin, health and weight goals but firstly it starts with recognising the signs your body and skin is showing you. Get ready to feel and look your best!

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