As we are all different and a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not apply to the skin, this premium skin care range has been created to address all skin concerns and skin types so everyone can achieve beautiful glowing skin. With over 17 years of working exclusively in the skin industry, Marian Rubock has found the secret to achieving beautiful skin

Combining modern science with the highest grade natural ingredients, the LSM Skin Care range delivers incredible results in reversing skin damage, ageing, scaring, pigmentation, imperfections, acne and so much more. This skin care range addresses all of your skins need in an easy and essential 5 step process.

Cleanse  | To maintain a healthy pH (4.5-5.5), remove day to day debris and makeup as well as to support skin immunity & resilience.

Remodel  |  To reduce deep scarring and resurface the epidermis (top layer) while reducing inflammation and supporting the health and moisture.

Feed and Nourish  |  To support the day to day requirements of your skin through chirally correct, technologically and advanced natural nutrition which sinks deep into the dermis (bottom layer) & feeds your skin! These formulas all have a key ingredient that locks in the nutrition & open the pathway between your skin layers for optimum results.

Moisturise  |  Your skin moisture levels are so essential for healthy skin to reduce dermal aging, thinning and dehydration. Any skin condition can affect the Natural Moisturising factor (NFM) of the skin and therefore put the skin at risk of further stress & trauma.

Protect  |  Protecting your skin and lips is vital as sun damage occurs when UV light breaks down elastin fibres in the skin. This causes your skin to sag and stretch with the appearance of lines and wrinkles leading to early ageing.


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