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    Is your Skin Complaint a Symptoms of PCOS

    Do you suffer from  PCOS? In fact do you know what PCOS is? PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome and it is the most common reproductive disorder for women affecting all age groups  with up to 70% of women undiagnosed. It is the cause of 30% of infertility in couples and causes significant distress, skin […]

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    I have a great new oven!

    The last couple of holidays that we have had recently that have incorporated Easter and Anzac day have allowed me to do what I love which is experiment in the kitchen. However in the last 3 years, since I have moved into my new home, I have had a love hate relationship with my oven. […]

  • Young dieting woman with hands tied with measurement tape sitting in front of tart cake, got caught while trying to reach it and take a bite, studio, gray background, isolated

    What does your skin really need for rejuvenation?

    Remember when Ponds, Nivea and Oil of Ulan was all we had in our bathroom…  The myriad of lotions and potions that we use now on our skin puts the simple application of Ponds cold cream to shame as we cleanse, scrub, strip and moisturize our way to hopefully, beautiful rejuvenated skin. It may seem […]

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    Want healthy Skin Hair and Nails for 2017?

    Read on…. Collagen is an extremely important component of your body as it makes up 30% of your body’s proteins and therefore is the most abundant protein in your body. Most of us would have heard of how important collagen is to the skin, hair and nails, but it is also important for many other […]

  • Young dieting woman with hands tied with measurement tape sitting in front of tart cake, got caught while trying to reach it and take a bite, studio, gray background, isolated

    5 Easy Actions to Acne, Rosacea, Dermatitis and Eczema Free Skin

    Having healthy skin for some of us is an ongoing battle as it had been for me for many years. However over the last 15 years I have learnt some secrets that cost very little but some discipline and a plan to review these changes to make sure they are working for you. Depending on your […]

  • Close-up Photo Of Person Taking Medicine Pill

    Could my medications be doing ME more harm than good?

    We know that junk food, drinks and the like cause, long term, contribute to poor health and skin problems but we don’t think that over the counter and prescription medications can do the same. It’s not until the last 3 years that good functional medical research is demonstrating the relationship between your health and what […]

  • Illustration about Probiotics and the Digestive System on old Paper

    Should you be using probiotics for your skin’s health?

    One of the best places, I think for me, is to have an understanding of why  you should take a probiotic and that makes the time and investment more worthwhile and meaningful. We constantly know that our lifestyle now is more stressful. We are exposed to more toxins in our environment in the form of additives […]


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Marian Rubock is a qualified expert skin care specialist. With over thirty-two years of medical experience and having suffered skin disorders herself, Marian has a profound understanding of the skin. She was a colomnist on skin & Beauty issues for The West Australian for the last 7 years until October 2013 and is a regular speaker on radio for Curtin FM & a guest at 6PR...