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On this page you will see some of the amazing results that have been achieved for our clients .We have successfully treated Acne & Scarring, Ageing, Rosacea, and Sun Damaged Skin.


CASE 1 | Type 2 Acne  |  Hormonal Type 2 Acne treated with a change in diet and lifestyle as well as skin care designed to heal the dermal layer & affect the hormonal triggering cells in the dermis.  TIME FRAME: 3 months

CASE 2  | Type 3 Acne  |  Acne as a result of poor digestion and an allergy to dairy products. The client had previously been on Roaccutane twice and the second time it did not clear. TIME FRAME: 4 months

CASE 3 | Type 2 Acne  |  Acne as the results of an imbalance in testosterone. Highly processed sugars affect hormonal and blood sugar levels so this client had to make changes to their diet and lifestyle. We used skin care that penetrates into the dermal layer to affect the hormonal cells, unblock the pores and calm and heal the skin. TIME FRAME: 4 months

Before & Afters

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CASE 4  |  TYPE 3 ACNE  |  Lifestyle and hormonal acne type 3 that affected both the forehead as well as cheeks and chin. A reassessment of their lifestyle ensured that there was a corrections of low iron levels as well as zinc and skin care affecting the dermal layer assisted with not only healing but rejuvenating and reversing the scarring. TIME FRAME: 5 months

CASE 5 |  ACNE  |  With the right skin care, dietary & lifestyle changes her skin has not only cleared but the skin has remodelled itself therefore improving the scarring caused by the acne in the first instance. This is quite significant when you consider that the skin renewal cycle starts to lengthen after the age of 25 from 30 days up to 45 days .  TIME FRAME: 3.5 months

CASE 6  |  ROSACEA TYPE 3   | Upper and lower digestive issues caused the skin to flare and a past history of menopause and high stress affected hormonal health, digestive enzymes and a good night’s sleep which is imperative for your body to regenerate & rebalance itself. TIME FRAME: 3 months

CASE 7  |  ROSACEA TYPE 3  |   Craig’s rosacea pattern on his face indicated upper and lower digestive issues – The skin was very stressed affecting both the skin moisture barrier, it’s immunity & pH. Using skin care to protect the skin’s immune system, re-moisturise the skin and rebalance the pH and the skin is now able to heal itself. Dietary & lifestyle changes are vital as often stress and hormonal imbalances have occurred from ongoing rosacea. A supplement program was used to rebalance the digestive, reproductive and stress hormones. With this program most of the healing occurs at night so sleep is vital. The client has ceased all medications. TIME FRAME: 4 months


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