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  • I have a great new oven!

    The last couple of holidays that we have had recently that have incorporated Easter and Anzac day have allowed me to do what I love which is experiment in the kitchen. However in the last 3 years, since I have moved into my new home, I have had a love hate relationship with my oven. […]

  • What does your skin really need for rejuvenation?

    Remember when Ponds, Nivea and Oil of Ulan was all we had in our bathroom…  The myriad of lotions and potions that we use now on our skin puts the simple application of Ponds cold cream to shame as we cleanse, scrub, strip and moisturize our way to hopefully, beautiful rejuvenated skin. It may seem […]

  • Want healthy Skin Hair and Nails for 2017?

    Read on…. Collagen is an extremely important component of your body as it makes up 30% of your body’s proteins and therefore is the most abundant protein in your body. Most of us would have heard of how important collagen is to the skin, hair and nails, but it is also important for many other […]

  • 5 Easy Actions to Beautiful Healthy skin

    Having healthy skin for some of us is an ongoing battle as it had been for me for many years. However over the last 15 years I have learnt some secrets that cost very little but some discipline and a plan to review these changes to make sure they are working for you. Depending on your […]

  • Should you be using probiotics for your skin’s health?

    One of the best places, I think for me, is to have an understanding of why  you should take a probiotic and that makes the time and investment more worthwhile and meaningful. We constantly know that our lifestyle now is more stressful. We are exposed to more toxins in our environment in the form of additives […]

  • Good fats are essential to weight loss and skin vitality

    You may be reducing your fat intake in a bid to loose weight but did you know that by reducing your healthy fats you risk healthy skin as well? A deficiency in Essential Fatty Acids can be one of the main causes of skin and metabolic conditions. This is because we need essential good fats […]

  • How Hormonal Acne Affects Your Skin Health

    Every human body contains a number of different hormones, all of which have different functions and control centres. When the right balance of hormones is secreted for your day to day needs, the body will be functioning at its best – but as soon as something happens to unbalance those hormones and systems, the body […]

  • Chicken Soup Really Can Improve Your Skin Conditions

    Chicken soup has been the “first aider” for many families when anyone has a virus or a cold. Mum will tuck you into bed and then get busy in the kitchen as she get the chicken bones, puts them into her slow cooker and over night she conjures up this magical potion. As you feebly drink the […]


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Marian Rubock is a qualified registered nurse who has been working with skin conditions for the last 17 years. With over thirty-four years of medical experience and knowledge of how it feels to have a skin disorders herself, Marian has a passion for skin health and how your body's function affect it. She was a columnist on skin & amp; Beauty issues for The West Australian for the last 7 years until October 2013 and was a regular speaker on radio for Curtin FM & a guest at 6PR and international and interstate speaker covering the gut microbiome and skin.

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